Luna's Sea

The Stringpullers' 40 minute aquatic stage show for all ages with five puppeteers, two dancers and blacklight. Created by Linda Wingerter, assistant puppet construction by Jen McClure, directed by Karl Gasteyer, choreographed by Christine Poland, and lighting by Matthew Maynes for the Mystic Aquarium. Performed at Cornerstone Playhouse (Mystic, CT) and the American Museum of Natural History (NYC).

Polly and the Moon

Short puppet & circus vaudeville piece for the Forgot to Laugh Sideshow Festival, with shadow puppetry, juggling, silk dancing and light. Created and performed by Linda Wingerter, with LB Stein, Dot Mitzvah, Nick Segelka, Kim Mikenis. Lighting by Jamie Burnett. 


Puppets for small projects and other companies.


Linda's puppetry and dance performances with other companies.